Kids First Officer Resources

Last updated on Saturday 3rd of December 2016 01:26:29 PM

The Junior Football Section appreciates the time & efforts of the parents who volunteer as Kids First Officers.

The Australian Football League invests over $23 million annually in strategies that support the participation of 450,000 players throughout Australia. AFL Kids First is a program that has been designed for leagues and associations to guide parents so that both they and their children obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their participation in junior programs and matches.

AFL Kids First includes recommendations for leagues, associations and their clubs to manage situations where parents become over-enthusiastic and risk having a negative impact on their children’s activities.

Your role

Your role is to represent the club in dealing with spectator behaviour that is not in keeping with the principles underpinning the AFL KIDS FIRST PROGRAM.

To support you in undertaking this role we have provided information for our members to educate & encourage appropriate behaviour. See our Respect Matters Information Kit under Club Policies in the menu tree at left, under the 'About Us' tab.

Every game you are required to wear the yellow arm band, so that spectators from both Aberfeldie and the opposition can identify you as the club representative for your game.

Please click on the links provided below for more detailed information which will continue to be adopted for Season 2017: