Junior Football

Last updated on Thursday 7th of December 2017 11:55:12 AM


The Aberfeldie Junior Football registration process for returning and new players in 2018 has begun through SportsTG.  Registrations will be accepted until 31 January 2018.  Following the closure of registrations, returning players that did not register will be de-activated from the system to allow for new registrations.

Eligibility is as follows:

     U9   -  2010 & 2009
     U11 -  2008 & 2007
     U13 -  2006 & 2005
     U15 -  2004 & 2003
     U17 -  2002 & 2001
     U11 Youth Girls – 2008 & 2007
     U13 Youth Girls – 2006 & 2005
     U15 Youth Girls – 2004 & 2003
     U18 Youth Girls – 2002, 2001 & 2000



If you are registering one child, select the 'Click here' button at the bottom of the email sent to you directly from SportsTG on Sunday 3rd December.  From here you will click on the Club Name and follow the instructions similar to last year.

If you are registering two or more children, click here.

Once you have accessed the system, you will be taken the Aberfeldie Club screen. Please ensure you select “Child”, enter the number of children you are registering and continue with the process. Please also ensure the “Adult” box is set to zero.

Follow each step in Option or 2 to complete the registration, then move to the two part payment process.


Payment is required at the time of registration through the accepted credit cards. The following two payments are required for 2018 registration:

Payment 1 - Aberfeldie Junior Football registration fee @ $207.80
                   - Mandatory payment for each child registered 
                   - Families with 3+ football players pay $88.30 for 3rd and subsequent players. 

Payment 2 - Aberfeldie Sports Club 2018 fee* @ $269.10 (annual payment per family)
                   - paid as part of the 1st child’s registration for multiple children registration

*The Aberfeldie Sports Club fee is paid annually per family, either at the time of registration for Cricket or Football.  Aberfeldie 2017 / 2018 cricketers should have paid Aberfeldie Sports Club fee as part of their cricket registration and therefore are not required to pay this fee again for football season.  Fees paid will be confirmed with cricket administrators and parents will be required to provide proof of payment if records don’t match.

Once payment has been made through the registration process, the system will issue you with an official receipt.

If you have any queries, please contact the Registrar – registrar@abers.com.au


The 2018 SportsTG systems allows for new player registrations. Whilst families can access this process, it is only an ‘Expression of Interest’, a pending registration that requires the club to accept or reject your new registration. 

Click here to register your interest - payment is not required at this point in time.

The Aberfeldie Junior Football section will not be processing requests for new registrations until after 31 January 2018 when the registration process for returning players concludes.  All new player registrations will be advised if their application has been accepted or reject after this date.



Aberfeldie Junior Football thanks all of our coaches, officals and players for their commitment and support throughout the 2017 season.

We congratulate the Under 15 (Div 3, 4, & 5) and Under 17 (Div 1, 2, & 5) teams who won their grand finals in the EDFL Junior Football finals that concluded on Sunday August 20th.  In addition, we acknowledge the hard work of U15 Div1, U13 Div1 and U11 Div1 teams who represented the club during the final series.

After a successful Junior Presentation Day on August 26th to officially conclude our 2017 season, we would like to make a special mention to our Junior sponsors to thank them for their support.  Their support gives our teams and club resources that benefits players throughout the year.

Finally, to our many parents who support their sons and daughters each week by getting them to training and matches, we say thank you.  Without your dedication and encouragement, we could not achieve the level of success that we do at Aberfeldie Junior Football.

Until 2018 season comes around, all past EDFL 2017 fixtures and results details for the season are available online here.



Keep an eye out for our e-Newsletters, your best sources of regularly updated information regarding the Junior Football at Aberfeldie. To subscribe online, click here.    If you do not receive these, or need to update your contact details, please contact Junior Football Secretary Mark Scatchard via email at juniorfootball@abers.com.au