Chairman's Report

Last updated on Tuesday 6th of December 2016 04:10:55 PM


Chairman - Aberfeldie Sports Club, Inc.

Once again, I am extremely privileged to have been chairman of the Aberfeldie Sports Club in such a successful year in the history of our club.

The Cricket Section first three teams made the finals with the 2nd eleven team winning the premiership for a consecutive year. Congratulations to Mark McAllion (Senior Coach) and Kieren Gray (1st Eleven Captain) and all the successful Captains.

David Leece (2nd Eleven Captain & Grand Final Centurion) certainly made a major contribution to the club on and off the field and was a terrific President of Senior Cricket who I would like to thank personally for his help and cooperation throughout the year.

Our junior cricket section had another strong season winning 2 premierships (Under 14A & Under 12A) and having many players making representative teams as well as many making their debut at senior level. 

I would like to thank and congratulate all on the cricket committees. David Leece (Snr President) and those on the senior committee and Rod Winchester (Jnr Coordinator) and his team on the junior committee. I would also like to particularly acknowledge Travis Gray (Secretary) for all his hard work and support of the ASC.

The cricket committees have done a brilliant job strengthening our cricket section both on and off the field. I would also like to congratulate Paul West on his appointment as Cricket Section President and Kieren Gray on his appointment as Club Coach 2016/17 whilst acknowledging the contribution of Mark Mc Allion and David Leece.

Mark McAllion’s experience and professionalism have undoubtedly provided direction and the tools required for the cricket section to continue to improve and develop while David Leece lead the section professionally and has left a good platform for further improvement.

Paul West has made a significant commitment to the club of many years and has already started to demonstrate his tireless effort to continually improve the club and I look forward to working with Paul and his committee throughout 2016/17.

Our Senior Football Section had another very successful year with our Seniors wining the minor premiership and making it through to the grand final. Unfortunately, we were not quite able to secure the ultimate prize of a premiership.

I would like to thank Senior Coach Adam Potter who has demonstrated his commitment to the entire football section not only at senior level. I am confident football operations are in good hands with Adam as our senior coach. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Andrew Clark, Geoff Brown, Denis Campbell, Darren Brown and Paul Gregory for their hands-on commitment in Season 2016.

Our Senior Reserves and Thirds made it through to finals this year but just as importantly provided the opportunity for players to continue to improve and develop. Several reserve players made their debut in the seniors this year and are likely to be regular players in 2017. I would like to recognize Luke Kinniburgh as coach of our Senior Reserves and was also Coach of one of our Under 10 premiership teams. Luke’s contribution at both senior and junior level has been outstanding. I would also like to thank Dominic Condello for his efforts as Coach of the Thirds, who in their second year, where able to make finals which is a great effort.

The Under 18.5 Premier Division team won the premiership for the 5th consecutive year and our Under 18.5 Div.1 team did a fantastic job remaining competitive in 18.5 Div. 1 after being promoted after least year's Grand Final win to Division 1.

Congratulations to Brett Gourley and Craig Battershill and their teams on their successful seasons. I would like to recognize the contribution Brett Gourley as under 18.5 Premier Div. coach for the last 4 years. I wish Brett well with his new role at the Calder Cannons and thank him for his efforts ensuring Abers Under 18s achieved their best for the past 5 years.

Our junior football section had another outstanding year with 11 teams making finals and four teams (Under 16 Div.1, Under 12 girls, Under 12 Div. 6 and Under 10 Div. 5) all winning premierships. I would like to congratulate the junior committee for another outstanding year under the new grading system and with the introduction of girl’s football. Our junior clubs vision to introduce girls football despite all the challenges has been a terrific success and has continued to prove Aberfeldie are a leader in sport within the community.

I would like to recognize the hard work of junior president Sean Howard and the entire junior committee. While premierships are great, the true measure of success of our junior section is how many children and their families enjoyed their football experience and I believe overwhelmingly the majority have. I would also like to personally thank Mark Scatchard who has not only been a terrific junior secretary but has been extremely supportive of the ASC and contributed with many “whole of club” initiatives.

The Social Golf Section continues to attract good numbers and provide all members the opportunity to play golf on good courses and with a friendly and welcoming group of people. Alan Graham, along with his committee, has ensured the golf section continues to prosper and opens the club up to another group of people who get to enjoy benefits of being a member of our great club.

The Aberfeldie Sports Club is one of the biggest clubs in Victoria with well over 1000 members and this requires an enormous contribution from many people.

We are extremely privileged to have incredibly hard working and dedicated team of volunteers on our executive and within the various section committees. I would like to thank everyone who has been prepared to join the various committees to ensure the Aberfeldie Sports Club's successes in 2016.

I would like to congratulate this year’s Lyn Harrison award winner (Best Club Person ASC), Darren Brown who put in countless hours helping at the club not only in 2016 but over many years. Congratulations also goes to Monica Kokken who was awarded the Thelma Madden Award for her many years of service.

I also recognize and congratulate Paul West for being awarded life membership of the ASC. Westy’s contribution to our cricket section is outstanding as a player, coach, administrator. Rarely do you have someone who can contribute as much on the field as off the field, and arguably Westy has been able to achieve that as much as any other in the history of the club. Well done Westy.

I would like to thank the members of the Aberfeldie Sports Club Board. Milo Rasinac (Vice Chairman), Leigh Fotheringham (Vice Chairman), Darren Briggs (Club Secretary), Andrew Brown (Club Treasurer). The commitment of these people is outstanding and the club is very fortunate to have people with their level of dedication on our Board.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank John Larkins (Senior Football President), Sean Howard (Junior Football President) and Paul West (Cricket President) who represent their sections on the ASC Board as well as ensuring they lead their committees. Their dedication to the ASC and their sections is paramount to the success of the club and I am extremely grateful for their support and commitment.

Our club would not exist without the support of our sponsors and I would like to thank them for their support in 2016.

To our Partner Sponsor, Nelson Alexander, who have been instrumental in the success of the club over many years. And particularly to their Director, Milo Rasinac, who has a senior position on the ASC Board and has demonstrated his commitment to the club both as a sponsor and an executive on the ASC Board for many years.

To our Major Sponsors - McHugh & Eastwood, BCP Finance, The East Brunswick Hotel, Strathmore Community Bank (Branch of the Bendigo), Beauty on Rose and Woodstock Pizza.

And our ongoing and loyal sponsors Danihers’ Facility Management, Deluxe Bar, BHP Constructions, MNG Lawyers, Escagrill Seafood Restaurant and Inspirations Paint - thank you for your continued support. To all our other sponsors, thank you again for your help and support. It is much appreciated.

When we measure success of a sports club it can be judged in many ways.

By the number of premierships teams won. By the number of games teams won. By the number of players who have been developed and progressed to a higher level. By the number of players and officials that return the following year. By the number of individuals & families that have enjoyed their experience at the club. By the number of participants that have benefited from playing a team sport.

Whichever measure you wish to use or a combination of all these measures I am confident that Aberfeldie Sports Club has once again had a very successful year.

And that success comes from the dedication and support of many people within the various committees and from all the members and supporters who help around the club. It also comes from our members who represent our club every week and respect and honour our core values.

Finally, I would like to thank all the Abers Players, Officials, Members, Families and Supporters for being part of this great club and wish you and your families a safe and happy Christmas and I look forward to another successful year in 2017. 


Kind Regards


Aberfeldie Sports Club - Chairman.

(From the ASC Annual Report- tabled at the club's Annual General Meeting held on 30 November, 2016.)